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Saved Sections for Use on Site

This page shows the saved sections that are used each year.  Instead of creating from scratch, these sections can be inserted into the Home pgae and other pages where needed. 

to insert a section, go to the "Add Section" area and open the "Saved Sections"  option. Look for the section below by name.

Playoff Finals and TTT Party!

Winter season ends with the playoff finals and the TTT party this Friday, March 8.  Celebrate with a night of fun!

Game Schedule: Friday, March 8

8:00pm (#3 & #4): Cookie Monsters (H)  vs.  Peelin' Out (V)

9:15pm (Championship):  Bad Apples (H)  vs.  Royal Puckers (V)

10:30pm (#5 & #6):  Chilly Verde (H)  vs.  Icy B's (V)

TTT (tacos, tampons, & toiletries) Party Details

March 8th is also our WHAM Party!

Each team has been assigned to bring some part of the meal. If you can, please drop off items around 8pm. 

  • Orange: Cheese, queso dip 

  • Yellow: Taco shells & tortillas

  • Purple: Desserts (candy, cookies, etc)

  • Green: Lettuce, cilantro, green onions

  • Maroon: Tomatoes, salsa

  • Blue: Guacamole/dips & chips


*This is a BYOB event. 


Hygiene Products for Donation

We are also gathering donations of tampons and other hygiene products to be donated to school resource centers and other non-profits. Bring some tampons, toothpaste, soap, or other hygiene products.

** The Team with the most donations will be crowned "Super Duper Team of the Year!"


Winter WHAM Teams

WHAM Board member in bold. Players sharing a season in italics. Team captains TBA.

Not From Concentrate

Tess Briggs

Sarah Coefield* 

Betsy Craske

Stephanie Dolan

Emily Dillow*

Beth Hayes

Lisa Lange

Kelly McKinnie*

Kim Murchison

Catherine Redfern

Rachel Severson

Loni Walker

Zsuzsa Wienhandl

Goalie: Josephine Horne


Elizabeth Boeheim

Lisa Casper

Kati Friend

Anna Henderson

Felicity Jerman

Angela Lucero

Shelagh More

Katanya Morse*

Andrea Ruhman

Amy Stout*

Janet Sucha

Traci Sylte

Kjirsten Thingelstad

Goalie: Faith Schmidt

No ReGretskys

Amy Allison Thompson

Kristina Berger

Louisa Berky

Meggie Girardi

Bonnie Gestring

Anisa Goforth*

Hannah Guay

Kaylee Hoffner

Joanna Johnson

Janet Metcalf

Brittany Peterson

Jeannine Widmann

Ann Wiltse*

Goalie: Emily Herndon

Emerald Vipers

Nancy Berg

Heather Brighton

Kinza Cusic

Alyson Holweger

Abby Hogan

Robin Mochi

Rose Moffatt

Marjo Pereira*

Amy Rogan

Mary Scofield

Ann Suter

Alexis Wheat

Jackie Wiest

Goalie: Gary Muskett


Winona Bateman

Laura Capron

Kim Hendryx

Kari Hong*

Jackie Kohlbeck/Martha Newell

Allison Lawrence

Alison Mitchell

Cheryl Mustain*

Niki Nash

Karyn Ridgeway

Susan Ridgeway

Amy Rubin

Jean Zosel

Goalie: Hannah Bowers*

Blue Thunder Bunnies

Chrystal Bolenbaugh*

Sharon Hood

Beck Kellman

Natalie Krueger

Renee Labrie Shanks

Niki Leffingwell

Ann O'Connor/Jen Wicks

Cassidy Panko

Jessica Smith

Monica Roscoe

Casey Ruggiero

Tracey Turek

Danielle Wright

Goalie: Laura Elsner

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