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About WHAM

Welcome to WHAM!  

We are a recreational hockey league that aims to provide a positive experience for women of all ages and skill levels.  We play one night per week at Glacier Ice Rink, with a pre-season game as practice at the beginning of each winter season.  We also hold Fall and Spring leagues that run six weeks each.  It is our hope that you will develop a greater understanding of positional play through game situations.


WHAM is a NO-CHECK league which basically means you're not allowed to use your body to take another player off the puck. You CAN, however, expect some acceptable forms of physical contact in the course of a game. That's the nature of hockey. And, sometimes accidents happen. You fall, bump into someone or get tripped. That's why we wear protective gear. AND that's why we always have two official referees to monitor all aspects of play.

Player safety is the top priority, followed closely by having fun! Most of us play to get the stress out of our lives, not add to it. Everyone is expected to be a good sport. If someone is not, the REF's deal with it on the ice and the board can take disciplinary action off the ice.

We are sanctioned by USA HOCKEY and each year, when you pay your USAH membership fee, among other things, it provides secondary insurance for injuries that happen during sanctioned league games.

I've never played hockey....but I would really like to try!

WHAM offers a New/Novice clinic each Fall for ladies to try hockey and see if they like it, or for beginners to work on their skills.  We may also have gear you can borrow if you’d like to see if hockey is for you.  Please contact a board member to inquire.


If you have any other questions, please navigate the website.  Board members will be happy to answer additional questions, see Board Members under Contact tab for contact information.

(Source: some text above taken directly from Anchorage Women's Hockey League page)

WHAM Mission Statement

WHAM has been experiencing much success and enthusiasm from Missoula and surrounding communities since its inception.

Our mission is to develop and promote the sport of hockey for women in the greater Missoula area; maximize the benefits (fun, fitness, learning, competition, esprit de corps, recreation and social opportunity) gained for all participants in the program; offer opportunities for women of all interests and skill levels to play hockey by providing affordable league play, clinics and other programs (including fall and spring co-rec leagues); and maintain involvement with Glacier Ice Rink and Glacier Hockey League as well as local women’s travel hockey teams for the purpose of creating opportunities for all area citizens to enjoy the benefits of hockey for years to come.

If you are interested in our program and/or you would like more information, please email us or send us a message on Facebook.

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