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WHAM Board

The WHAM board is selected each year at the annual general membership meeting. Please see Membership for information about the next general meeting and its agenda.

If you plan to attend a board meeting, please double-check with a board member first to make sure the meeting is planned as scheduled.

Contact us if you have questions, comments, or concerns:

2023-2024 Board Members

  • President: Kari Hong

  • Past President: Sarah Coefield

  • Vice President: Anisa Goforth

  • Secretary: Keri Williams

  • Treasurer: Chrystal Bolenbaugh

  • Player Development Chair: Jella Lucero

  • Merchandise Chair: Marjo Pereira

  • Registrar: Katanya Morse

  • Goalies Chair: Hannah Bowers

  • Referees/Rules Chair: Liz Boeheim

  • Scorekeeping Chair: Amy Stout

  • Members at Large: Emily Dillow

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