Hockey Basics for New Players - Draft

If you are new to hockey, this is a good place to begin your season! Learn the structure of WHAM games, basic positioning, a few of the possible peneatly calls, and other things that will hopefully make your first games less daunting and more fun.

About WHAM Games

  • There is a three minute warm-up period before the game.

  • Games conist of three 18-minute periods. The clock runs for the entire period (no stop-time).

  • Play stops for one minute between each period.

  • Goalies switch ends at the end of each period. 

  • Players serve three minutes for minor penalties. (More about penatlies later.)

Shifts: What & How?

A shift is your time on the ice. Keep shifts short (45 - 90 seconds) so you can skate hard while you are on the ice. 

At the end of your shift, it is best to the leave ice when:

  • there is a whistle

  • your team in on the offensive

When leaving the ice, ignore the play on th eice and skate quickly to the bench, calling out for your replacement.

Very General Positioning

Hockey Positions

Each team has five players on the ice during regular play.

  • Goalie: Protects the net and prevent the other team from making goals.

  • Defense: 2 players (right & left) responsible for helping to defend the goal

  • Forwards: 3 players (left wing, center, right wing) primarily responsible for offensive play (making goals).

Areas of Play

The diagrams below show the general area of play for each position. It is a good idea to stay within these areas until you are more familiar with the game and positioning.


Note: The Offensive zone is at the top of the diagram below. 


Right Defense


Left Defense


Left Wing




Right Wing