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Player Ability Descriptions

WHAM welcomes all levels of players in all leagues. When you register for a WHAM league you will be asked to indicate your player level. This helps us create parity among pods and teams and make sure new players can continue to develop wicked hockey skills. 


Player levels are:  

1. Has never been on skates, or has little skating experience. New to hockey, with at most one shoulder season of experience. Has to be told when she's offsides. May look like a baby deer.

2. Comfortable on skates, but new to hockey.  OR one year experience in WHAM (sometimes more), doesn't have a lot of speed, still figuring out positioning. Plays hot potato with the puck instead of carrying it.

3. Good skater, has firm grasp of hockey rules and positioning. May not be super fast, or may not be able to skate backwards, but knows what to do when in position. Not super likely to carry the puck up the ice, but will look for passes.

4. Stronger skater, turning into a squirrely wing or annoying defender. Will carry the puck. Makes shots on goal or prevents goals on a regular basis. Starting to take a leadership role on the team. Starting to incorporate passing into her gameplay.

5. Strong skater, both forwards and backwards. Can play multiple positions, make and catch passes, and shoots on goal. Can carry puck up the ice and around/through opposing team's defense positions. Team leader.

6. Very strong skater, excellent puck control. Can score from multiple locations on the ice. Very hard to get the puck away from. Plays heads up hockey, makes passes that connect with teammates, can control the game if she really wants to.

7. Holy moley.

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