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Refund/Substituted Player Procedures

If a player is unable to continue participating in any WHAM program once the season has started, the player may request a refund for the remaining portion of the season in which the player is no longer able to play.  The player must contact the WHAM Board stating the reason that the player is no longer able to play and the date the player was unable to continue playing hockey.  Acceptable reasons to request a refund include but are not limited to injury, pregnancy, moving, family emergency and other unanticipated events, but do not include scheduling inconvenience, conflicts with other sports obligations, including player and family travel sports obligations.

Once a player indicates to the WHAM board via email, written letter, text, or phone call that she/he is no longer able to continue participation in a program, the WHAM Board will determine no later than a week from the notice whether a refund will be approved.  If the Board determines a player is no longer able to play in a program for an acceptable reason and a refund is granted, the player will be removed from the team roster and she/he is no longer eligible to play for the remainder of the season.

The WHAM Board will attempt to fill the vacant roster spot by considering the following options in this order:

  1. determine if any player is on a registration wait list;

  2. query players sharing one roster spot whether they would each like to skate;

  3. see if the goalie is interested in skating out, with the caveat that she/he would have to find a substitute goalie; or

  4. determine if there is a person who has contacted the WHAM Board with an interest in playing in that WHAM league.

A pro-rated refund will be issued by WHAM to the player leaving the league based on the number of games her/his team has played that season.  The replacement player will pay a pro-rated registration fee to WHAM based upon the number of games remaining in the season.

Once a player is approved to receive a refund, she/he is removed from the team roster and is no longer eligible to play for the remainder of the current season.  The WHAM Board shall inform the player's team and the league affected by changes to any team roster of those changes no later than two days after the changes to the roster have been approved.

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