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WHAM Website Information

Here is some basic info for the current WHAM website.

There are two main sections below:

  • Website Accessibility for important web accessibility standards and guidelines.

  • Current Site Design for information about how the styles of the site are currently set. Includes schedule table info. 

​Note that some pages are hidden. There are a few reasons for this. 

  • To keep the navigation from getting too long and cumbersome.

  • To save pages that might be used again because they are regularly needed.

  • To save drafts of unused pages.

An important note on web content: More is not better! Keep things short and sweet. Minimal text, design elements, color, etc. will communicate more info to more people more quickly!

Website Accessibility

Please make sure all users can easily access the information on the WHAM site!

The guidelines below include considerations for visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive (learning and reading, memory, etc.) disabilities.  This is not a complete list, but is a good start to ensure that most users can access information on the site. Avoid the assumption that only people with visual disabilities use a screen reader when on the web. Screen readers are used for lots of reasons! The WIX platform helps you easily format content to meet basic accessibility standards so you do not need to know HTML.

For a brief example of what a screen reader sounds like (and why you do not want to include complete hyperlinks on webpages!) see Dallas College’s Screen Reader Example.  

There are loads of accessibility resources online. WebAIM’s Introduction to Web Accessibility is a good place to begin.

Accessibility Basics

  • Heading Structure: Use headings correctly (think outline), beginning with Heading 1 for the title of the webpage and working in a descending hierarchy of headings from there.

  • Links: Use self-describing hyperlinks (links = words) instead of using the full URL.  Avoid using links that read "Click here", "Here", etc.  Example:  For more information see Player Development.

  • Lists: Use formatting tools to create accessible lists. (This list is an example.)

  • Images: Include alternative (Alt) tags for images.

  • Colors: Limit the color pallet and keep in mind that some colors are very difficult to see. To check if color contrast (background and text, for example) passes accessibility standards, use WebAIM’s Contrast Checker.

  • Avoid clutter. Keep information as simple and organized as possible. Clutter can be difficult for some readers to navigate. Make it easy to find the most important information and kleep it succinct. 

Accessible Text for Ease of Reading

  • Use a simple non-serif font.

  • Avoid using all capital letters as they can be difficult for some to read.

  • Use a large enough text size and line spacing.

  • Avoid using underline for emphasis; instead, use bold or italics. Underline usual indicates a hyperlink.

  • Avoid using color or and image to convey important information. Screen readers can always read the text on a website.

Current WHAM Site Design

This section provides info about page design, styles, and special elements on the site.


Site-wide style settings below make content additions and changes quick and easy. These can be changed permanently in the Site Design area of the editor or overridden in specific places by using the Text Settings as you work on pages.


Wix provides several layouts for new pages. Or you can copy an existing page and change the content as needed. Pages are made of sections and strips. There are a few regularly used sections (winter team lists, registration, etc.) saved in the Saved Sections under "Add Section".

Game Schedule Tables

The game schedules for Fall, Winter, and Spring and the goalie schedule are all connected to a data sets. You will find these data sets under "Your Collections" in the CMS area of the site or by selecting "Manage Content" when you click on a table. Since the tables are formatted and the datasets are created, it is easiest to simply replace the old info with the new in the existing dataset.

Example: Winter WHAM Rosters and Schedule.

Winter Team Links

The colored teams buttons at the top of the Winter WHAM Rosters and Schedule page links to Sports Engine, where we take registration, manage members, and record game results and stats during the winter season. Sports Engine is a whole other thing and is pretty easy to learn. That site has been seriously edited and archived to keep things clear and simple and pointed to the forward facing WHAM site. 

Text Styling

The current paragraph text and heading styles are set as follows.


Text Blocks: To format consistent text blocks, make them 900 pixels wide and then center on the page.

  • Font (for all text): Montserrat

  • Paragraph Text Line Spacing: 1.6

  • Paragraph Text

    • Paragraph 1: Black, 16px 

    • Paragraph 2: Black, 14 px, 1.5 line spacing (Not usually used.)

    • Paragraph 3: Dark grey, 14px, 1.5 line spacing (Not necessary, but can be used for quotes, etc.)

  • Headings

    • Heading 1: Black, 42px

    • Heading 2: Red, 24px

    • Heading 3: Black, 20px

    • Heading 4: Dark Grey, 18px (Not usually necessary.)

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